This is a list of the rules of the club, and the behaviour expected from all attendees. It is a condition of entry that you adhere to and observe these rules. Ignorance of these rules IS NOT and WILL NOT BE a valid defence for infringing them. It is your duty to ensure that you read and understand them. If there is something that you do not understand, or are unsure of, then please ask a member of staff. They will not mind, they wont embarrass you or laugh at you, but they will answer your questions as fully as they can, and make sure that you are happy and understand things.

These rules are in place to ensure your and everyone else's safety and enjoyment, and to protect all attendees and the venue from any problems with the authorities.

The rules will be enforced, people will be removed if required, and barred from further events if warranted. Depending on the seriousness of the infringement, details may be passed to other event organisers for the protection of their event and for them to decide what if any pre emptive action to take.

The rules are subject to changes from time to time and it is your duty to check for any such changes before attending the club.



Do's & Dont's and how to Behave

Venue Safeword

Unleashed uses the traffic light system, and so will you when you are here as it is universally understood by all. The Universal Safeword is "RED". If you hear anyone using the safeword during play, it is YOUR DUTY to ensure that everything is OK, and then to inform one of the dungeon mistresses if play dose not stop immediately. If you hear AMBER used, the player should check on the playee and things can continue but usually at a lower level. If you hear GREEN, then everything is fine and someone is having a great time.


No cameras, This includes audio recording devices, video recording devices, cameras and photographic mobile phones. Persons found to be using such devices during event hours for taking recordings or pictures may be removed from the event and banned. If you wish to take pictures or have pictures taken, please talk to one of the event staff and we will see what we can arrange either before the event opens, or during event hours. If you see someone using a camera or recording device, please check with the event staff to see if permission has been obtained. If no permission has been granted, the staff will take the appropriate action.

Press and Media attending

All members of the press or media including freelance, regardless of weather on or off duty MUST make themselves known to a member of staff before entering the venue. This is deemed to be a private event and all attendees expect a reasonable right to privacy, thus any form of reporting on activities and/or attendees is prohibited.

Dress Code & Changing Areas

Fetish wear, rubber, latex, leather, lycra, PVC, corsets, underwear, burlesque, appropriate fancy dress, gothic, period costumes, uniforms, TV, CD, SMART black. Make an effort and dress to impress. No blue denim, trainers etc. If you are unsure about your planned outfit, please see the F.A.Q section or contact us for clarification
The door staff have the right to refuse admission and their decision is final. There are areas to change, and an area to leave large bags etc, and coats. There is a charge of £1 for checking in one coat and one bag (2 items). Coats and large Bags etc, are not to be taken into the venue and left in corners, on/under/beside chairs, carried around all night, etc. This is for the safety and comfort of everyone as the venue will be busy. Any bags and coats found in such positions will be removed and may not be returned until the end of the night. Bags containing play equipment may be collected and returned to the cloak area at any time, and as many times as you like, during the event without additional charge.
We will do our best to maintain a secure area for your property but the staff and venue are not responsible for items that may go missing.

Singles & Swingers

Single people & swingers are most welcome but please remember this is a BDSM & fetish party NOT a swingers night or a pick up night. Oral or penatritive sex is not allowed in the venue. If you are unsure of how you are expected to behave please talk to one of the event staff who will be happy to explain things to you.


Smoking is only permitted in the outside smoking area. This includes e-cigarettes and vapes.

Play Areas

The Dungeon Mistresses or Masters word is LAW.

They have the last word on what is acceptable in the dungeon area.
Please do not interfere with a happening scene in any area. If people want you to join in they will ask you. If you want to play with someone just ask them, but accept the first answer they give. On the other hand if someone asks you to play with them please be respectful when giving your answer.
Antiseptic spray and wipes are located by all play equipment, please wipe down equipment after play has ended. In the event of an accident please contact a member of the staff, who will then  ensure a qualified first aider attends.

Alcohol & Drinks

A wide variety of alcoholic drinks, cocktails, mocktails, soft drinks, tea and coffee are available from the bar. Please do drink if you wish, but do so responsibly. Do not drink excessively before play, as if you do you may not be allowed to play if the dungeon mistresses feel that you have had too much. Alcohol and soft drinks are not to be brought into the venue from outside, and a check for such may be carried out upon entry. Any alcohol or soft drinks found will be confiscated and will not be returned.


no blood play, no play involving bodily fluids, no full nudity outside of the play areas, no penetrative sex. no drugs, legal highs, or poppers.


The Venue reserves the right to deny entry to people who have been banned from other fetish clubs/munches etc. or those that appear to be intoxicated or under the influence of other substances. These rules will be enforced, people will be removed if required, and barred from further events if warranted. Depending on the seriousness of the infringement, details may be passed to other event organisers for the protection of their event and for them to decide what if any pre emptive action to take.

Entry into the venue constitutes acceptance and understanding of these rules, and an agreement to abide by them.