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Unleashed was started many years ago by Pamelas Playroom and was designed to be an all encompassing fetish, BDSM, and alternative play club and was for a while the official after-party of the BBB. Unfortunately the venue was lost, circumstances changed, and the club and Pamelas Playroom became dormant for a while. Due to continued demand for the products made by Pamelas Playroom, and another change in circumstances, it was decided to re start Pamelas Playroom full time, and after looking for a suitable club venue for quite a while, one was offered for use. The deal was done and the decision was made to re launch Unleashed. After careful consideration a diverse team of committed, skilled and experienced helpers were assembled, and the wheels put in motion. Without the hard work, commitment, and dedication of the team the club could not take place, and i hope that at some point in time you find a way to say thank you to them as Pamelas Playroom is merely the hand that steers the ship.

Everyone on the team is passionate about all aspects of fetish and BDSM, and we are all dedicated to our own branch of alternative lifestyle and engage in it as much as we are able.

Everyone on the team wants the same thing. to provide a safe, relaxed and welcoming place where like minded people can socialise, dress, interact and play without any fear of prejudice, ridicule, or harm, in a well equipped, quality, and self contained venue, that allows them to develop within their chosen alternative lifestyle, and explore the many others if they wish.

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Fetish, BDSM, Gothic, Cyber, Fantasy, TV, TS, TG, Lesbian, Bi, Gay, Uniforms, 1940's, Furies, Cosplay, rubber, Leather, PVC, Silk Satin & Lace..........

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