F.A.Q. Section ~ Always Evolving

Q: Do I need ID?

You only need ID if you are fortunate enough to look under 25 as the venue is part of the challenge 25 scheme. If in doubt, bring ID. The door staff will be checking ID, but if you have forgotten it and know one of the staff that can vouch for you, then you will get in. There is no ID check as a condition of entry to the club.

Q: What are the club timings?

Changing facilities only will be available from 7.30pm. The club doors open at 8pm. Latest entry is 1am.  Finishing time is at least 2am, depending on licensing.

Food is available from 10pm until 11.30pm, but may run later dependant on demand.

Stalls will be open from 8pm, and will start to pack up sometime after midnight dependant on sales and demand.

All play is to be completed by 2am.

Any timing's for special activities will be advertised at the door.

Q: Can anyone come?

Yes, provided you are into an alternative lifestyle, have an open mind, dress appropriately for the event, arrive with a good attitude, are willing to make new friends, and experience things that may be new to you.

Q; is there a list for tickets, can I reserve one?

There is no list and we do not reserve tickets. There's a maximum capacity we are comfortable with at the venue, and that is how many tickets we have printed. Once they are sold, on a first come first served basis, then that is it, you can’t get in, even if people haven’t turned up yet, as they may arrive later. Tickets are available in advance and on the door, and you are more than welcome to check if we still have some on the door by phone, but we won’t reserve them.

Q: I bought my tickets on line. How do I get them?

If you have purchased a ticket on line, it will be placed into an envelope with your name and payment reference number on the outside, and kept at the door until you arrive. We won’t post out tickets as things get delayed or sometimes go missing in the post, and we do not have spare tickets to cover this.

Q: What should I wear?

Our focus is Fetish and BDSM play, so come in fetish wear if you like to get your kink on whilst wearing it, or you can wear what your alternative lifestyle would normally wear, but make an effort. For example, if you are a TV, then don’t just put on any old everyday dress, heels, wig and makeup. Make an effort and get dressed to the nines for a really special night out and get your glitz on. If you are not into fet and don’t have much for your preferred niche, then just come smartly dressed in something like a dinner suit (jacket should stay on all night) or all black (shirt, trousers, shoes). You can be flamboyant and kinky with regards to your dress. You can wear rubber, latex, leather, Lycra, PVC, corsets, underwear, burlesque, fancy dress... If that isn't your bag, then we do still ask you to make an effort.

We have a 'no jeans and no trainers' rule. This is because we are not a munch - we're a Fetish, BDSM play and alternative lifestyle event and we know how important it is for some people to feel confident enough to wear high fetish clothing. If guests are in jeans/t-shirts/trainers, it can put people off from wearing their kinky clothes and we don't want people to feel like they can't engage in that. Also, if you are the one in jeans and trainers in a room full of people dressed to the 9's in sexy outfits, you are going to feel really uncomfortable and stick out a mile. There is some space to change at the venue, so you don't need to arrive in your outfit. We would ask that once you've passed the entry table you change into your outfit, if you've arrived in jeans or trainers.

Q: What can I do there?

You can socialise, dance, shop, drink, eat, make friends, do bondage, rope work, suspension CP, SM, sensory play, electrical play, impact play, mummification, wax play, watch other people (if there is room and if you’re not causing any disturbance to the scene), and many other activities.

Q: What equipment will there be?


Q: What kind of play can I do there?

What would you like to do? Do that. Do it with consent. Do it with regard for your surroundings. Play heavy, play light. Play with giggles, screams, yelps or in silence. There is a list of basic rules on here and posted at various locations in the play areas, that detail what you can not do. If in doubt about the play you want to do, just ask one of our house mistresses.

Q: I’m a bit nervous about coming. I don’t know many people/I’ve not been to many events like this.

No Problem. We are all friendly and welcoming, and more than happy to explain things to you and introduce you to people. We have a dedicated welfare mistress that looks after new and nervous people, and ensures that they have a good time. She will also be at the pre club meet to chat to people before arriving at the main club venue.

Q: Can I smoke there?

There’s a secure outside smoking area. It has an enormous umbrella and picnic benches, and is totally screened from passers by.

Q: Is the venue wheelchair accessible.

Yes. The venue is fully wheelchair accessible and staff will be more than happy to help and look after you if required.

Q: What's parking like?

Parking is free, and to the rear of the building, in the university car park. There will be signs to show you where to go and to park.

Q: Can I pay by card?

Yes. The door and bar both accept cards, as do many of our vendors, but it is so much easier to use cash.

Q: Is there somewhere I can get ready?

Yes, we have spacious, clean, well lit toilets that are used for changing, and if you need some privacy while changing, you can use the disabled toilets, but priority must be given to disabled customers that need to use them. If you don't arrive in your outfit, we would ask that once you've passed the entry table, you change into your outfit, if you've arrived in jeans or trainers.

Q: Have you got any advice for people new to events like this?

Be aware that there'll be a mixture of people who know each other and those that don't. Spend a bit of time having a look round the venue either by yourself or we can give you a tour. Feel free to go up to people and introduce yourself - everyone is new at some point and most people are friendly and will be happy to chat.

Be aware of people who may have just finished playing, these people might not be ready to chat, and may need time to wind down. These people may seem a bit 'float' or 'distant' and will probably appreciate space rather than conversation.

If you'd like to do some BDSM play yourself, just see what furniture takes your fancy and play for as long or as short as you'd like to. Obviously if someone else is playing on it, then wait, but without hovering, etc, and if there are lots of people waiting to play, have some consideration for them and keep your play time reasonable.

If you want to approach anyone else to join you in play, just be up front and ask. People often expect it at events like this. Even if the answer is no, if you ask nicely no one should be offended or weirded out or anything. If someone asks you to play, you can say 'yes' or 'no' and shouldn't be pressurised into changing your mind.

If you have any specific concerns or questions, no matter how big or small, please just let us know and we'll be happy to help.

Q: How long are you allowed on the equipment?

As long as you want! Some clubs have time limits and that works for them. We don't want time limits and this works for us. We want couples and groups to be able to play for as long as their scene lasts. Pamela’s rule 47 says: Scenes go on as long as they have to. Don’t interrupt, obstruct or hinder other people’s enjoyment.

But bear in mind that Pamela’s rule 17 says: Be mindful and respectful of others desire to play and do not monopolise the play equipment during busy times, to ensure the enjoyment of everyone.

We pride ourselves on having a range of furniture and spaces so there should be somewhere for you to play. If there is something that you particularly want to use, try to use it early, as it may not be available later if it is particularly popular that night, but you should be able to play on something. If you have any concerns about not being able to play then please chat to one of our house mistresses.

This said, it's not ok to use furniture to sit on or put your bags and jackets on. There is plenty of seating in the venue and we have an attended coat and bag area for you to leave those in. If caught just sitting on or placing coats and bags on play furniture you will have to answer to the house mistresses, and it won’t end well for you. lol

Q: Are we allowed to use power points in the venue?

There will be an area in the attended coat and bag area that you can use as long as what you're plugging in is safe to use in UK electric sockets and is in good working order, that's fine. Please see the coat attendant on duty.

Q: I’ve got another question you’ve not answered here.

Just message us on here or our fetlife profile and one of us will answer you as soon as we can. If you have a question on the day of the event then call us on 07446394013 and we will try to get things sorted for you.